Celebrating Christmas at home, together

‘Endless waves of laughter, chatters, and conversations buzzing around the living room, the Noche Buena made with love by our mothers, and the genuine smiles painted on our loved one’s faces. May these moments spark warmth this yuletide season and hold on to you forever.’

Celebrating Christmas at home is a tradition for many Filipino households. It's a day when family members reconnect after some time apart due to personal obligations.

It doesn't matter how they celebrate, whether by drinking, eating, or a simple gathering; what matters is that they all get together.

As we have the opportunity to physically celebrate it owing to the government's easing of restrictions, let us not forget to spread love to everyone. And as the lingering spirit of Christmas has now awakened every nook of our homes, let us take a moment and witness the convivial atmosphere of our very own residence where love and memories are created, especially in the holiday season.

In this Christmas, we hope that this notable day will tug the strings of our hearts and adjourn in the magical experience of being in the presence of the people who made our day merrier than it ever was.

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