Another day has gone by. Last October 19 was a brand new start for every Licean to see the silver lining and eclipse their respective competitions on Day 2 of the technologically dressed up Liceo U Games 2021 to uphold excellence in the last resort. The pandemic may hinder our chance to meet each other in the flesh but it did not stop us from enjoying this event virtually.

It is in our blood as Filipinos to be naturally funny, and due to the fact that we are highly influenced by popular culture, that's why witticisms are part of our trademark already. We cannot deny that Liceans are talented, and the pandemic somewhat brought to light their dancing skills on another level. The Student Council didn't let that opportunity be wasted and sizzled every maroon-blooded hoofer with the Fundemic Dance Challenge to exhibit their dancing supremacy.

Liceo de Cagayan University's College of Information Technology hosted the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament. From 32 teams consisting of Junior High School, Senior High School, and College, only eight teams will proceed to the Quarter-Final. 4 teams will advance to Semi-Finals, and two teams will remain to compete for the title of champion during the Finals on October 20, 2021. On the other hand, The Valorant tournament, which the College of Rehabilitation Sciences organized, had 17 participants from Junior High School, Senior High School, and College. Still, only one team brought the bacon home. With a score of 13-4, School of Business, Management, and Accountancy: Team Uwunnatics won against College of Teacher Education: TEAM CTE.

The videos and photos of the aforementioned activities were posted and aired on their official Facebook page at 5:00 in the midday and 8:00 in the evening, respectively. On the other hand, 13 great entries of the Visual Art: Your Art, Right Away competition of the LDCU SHS RNP Campus were posted at 10:00 am. The HUMSS Department initiated the activity and is down to fine art as they want to splash colours in what is considered one of the dark ages of our history because of the mishap that we are facing right now.

Each section of the RNP Campus must have one representative for the Extemporaneous Speech chaired by the Student Council. The clash of sharp and wits was held via Google Meet at 1:00 in the afternoon and was live-streamed on their official FB page. Gear up for some popcorn and soda kind of afternoon as RNP Student Council brought this year's free virtual Movie Marathon from 2:00 pm onwards. The films were Love Rosie, Charlie's Angels, and a Lakorn movie, Friend Zone.

Meanwhile, the LDCU Mystical attested that nature's spirit is on their side after an unstoppable performance and let Team Barbie Dolls melt at their expense in a lopsided 19-7 conquest to snatch STE Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament championships. From four college departments that clashed in the battle of the wits and intelligence on the Virtual Quiz Bee, the troika of Bachelor of Physical Education convincingly eliminated their foes to seal the championship.

These Liceans proved that the fire of passion is still burning despite these uncertainties and showcased dexterity in their own crafts in our university-wide games. Indeed, they value the lieu of being sustainable and competitive in the sense of having a strong maroon-blood spirit. In a race of life, we rise, fall, win and lose, but do not forget to pause, take a break, get up and carry on.

Nil Sine Numine. Adelante, Liceo!

Report by: Teodulo Culanggo and Mary Señara

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