Liceo U College of Law triumphed as 1st Runner-up in the Philippine Law Debate Championship Season 2

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

The Liceo U College of Law acclaimed their high-pitched scale of proudest salutation as the Liceo Law Debate Team, Team Higala — participated in a nationwide law school debate competition for Modified Oregon-Oxford last July 23 to 25, 2021 via Discord virtual platform where the Philippine Law Debate Championship Season 2 took place and led the goal-driven team to catapult themselves from the elimination round before proceeding to the semi-finals, along with the debaters of Team Forensic from Ateneo de Davao University who forged as their opponents upon yielding eight wins over zero losses during the Grand Finals.

The Team Higala ranked as overall 2nd placer (First Runner-Up) and garnered special achievement awards for the most full-fledged councils including the Top 2 Best Speaker, Fritz Harold D. Raran, Top 5 Best Speaker, Spencer P. Palen, Top 10 Best Adjudicator, Orlando V. Montalban, and the Top 13 Best Speaker, Casan-Ali M. Limbona, Jr. In recognition to the Support of the Liceo U Community, the championship has anchored the team to ripe every fruit behind their perseverance and sail their journey into the spectrum of success.

Hosted by Julius Otsuka and chaired by adjudicators, turntables reign above excellence as the Team Higala, on the opposition side, contrasted their stance about the imposition of campaign donations for parties prior to the Philippine national elections. The debate revolves around the representation of public interest through corporations that would serve as the primary source of candidates in expanding their campaigns, regardless of whether they belong from a cultural minority with lesser capital in the society. On the affirmative side, Team Forensic held the pursuit of banning these corporations as it monopolizes the power at the expense of political agenda. Both teams fueled their arguments until the debate tone down to the conclusion of champion.

“Campaign donation for the election is an equalizer and form of democratic exercise of corporations during the pandemic crisis.” — Team Captain, Spencer Parreño Palen, Top 5 Best Speaker

We earnestly congratulate you all for achieving this fruitful endeavour. Adelante, Liceo U!

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