Pandemic press on Red Herring issues

EDITORIAL: The pandemic outburst throughout the country inflicts the major departments and institutions respectively in the academic sector to implement new normal systems under temporary severe strain. As a result of a home-based setting, alternative activities are done through online platforms sufficient to its users circulating the internet.

People tend to believe something is accurate judging on the number of views, likes, and the message delivered doesn’t justify credible information from its original sources taken.

Emerged in 2020, TikTok, a widespread social media application, blew out for its personalized feeds and short-length clips. Based on the data by the Statista Data Platform, on average, 67.9% of usage percentage ranks in the 4th spot below Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook in the population of internet users. Contrarily, controversies assessing social media apps to be lethal in the upcoming Election 2022 as misinformation is considered a rampant factor that the government must overlook. Video clips created primarily by teenagers engage in digital manipulation, showing that the beliefs and ideologies are accurate and true.

For instance, Philippine National Police Chief General Guillermo Eleazar said, “We will build mechanisms to deal with this. But it will be a big help if we citizens will report these kinds of schemes to authorities. I urge the public to be vigilant and report to authorities if they have information on vote-buying done through online platforms,” the General stated after a discernment about some TikTok videos concerning the dilemma. Per the Commission on Elections, retired commissioner Rowena Guanzon said that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas oversee the vote-buying systems. Under section 261 of the Omnibus Election Code, any acts of vote-buying and vote-selling are violations and will be sued with penalty fees, imprisonment, or disqualification from the public office.

Moreover, disputes over issues as TikTok being the basis of information in the forthcoming Election 2022. They are commonly used in any means to persuade the public citizens of the qualities of their favored presidential candidate that are considered to be true. This poses a threat of falsehood mechanism on social and political issues during campaigns and debates that statements and imagery can be fabricated to the extent.

Credibility possesses the roots of truth through experience, communication, and other means of grasping reliable information. Thus, scrutinizing the smallest detail and fact-checking is vital in preventing economic issues from breaking out without legal validation. The peddling of such acts will be violating the Republic Act 10175 (Anti-Cybercrime Law) or under Section 6 of Republic Act 11469, in which penalties will be settled.

Exploiting such resources gratifies the public in its pique of interest as teenagers become more activist and engaged with their political views, desire to validate the queried credence. Influenced by today’s advanced technology, wildfire spread of information via digital tools where anything can be in the presence of the eyes having occurred on people’s conjectures based upon distinguished facts released in a single post.

The views expressed by our members do not reflect our organization's position or Liceo de Cagayan University.

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